How can I participate in a KINEO program?

There are a few ways to participate in KINEO!

- In person at our main campus in Dawsonville, Georgia
- In person at one of our extended campuses nationwide
- Online through livestream

On Demand:
- Our KINEO On Demand program is for those who can't meet during the KINEO academic school year. On Demand students can start anytime and create their own schedule to complete the program within 10 months (full program) or 3 months (individual course).

We encourage a "pick and stick" philosophy at KINEO MTC.
Students should make a well-informed decision regarding their KINEO program choice and remain committed to that decision for at least one program year before making a switch to a different program or participation type.

How affordable is KINEO?

- Degree Program Tuition: $1,255 per school year.
- Diploma / Audit Tuition: $855 per school year.
- On Demand Program: $955 for 10 months of access.
- On Demand Individual Courses: $205 for 3 months of access.

Senior discounts are available for the degree, diploma, and audit programs. Spousal discounts are available for the diploma, and audit programs.  

A $50 registration/setup fee (non-refundable) is required for each program, excluding On Demand individual course purchases.

What is the difference between a KINEO degree, a KINEO diploma, and auditing?

The diploma-based program is made up of five classes each semester (either live or by video) and assigned practicum hours (service-hours wherein the student serves in their local church
or another approved ministry).

The degree-based program contains all of what is assigned to the diploma-based program. Accompanying that content, there are five additional courses each year, making sure that students receive the most robust Kingdom content offered at KINEO.

The additional courses are the single qualifying distinction between our degree program (30 credits per school year) versus our diploma program (15 credits per school year). With a Degree-based program, each student is validated and credentialed concerning the time, effort and coursework that is required in earning an actual Bachelor Degree. This gives a higher level of credibility to all that was learned by the student, and the training he/she completed. For those who may be presented vocational ministry opportunities after graduation, the difference between a diploma and degree is very important from
the perspective of those potential employers who are considering whom to hire.

Audit students: 
- are not required to serve practicum hours
- are not required to complete coursework or read textbooks
- will not receive a diploma or certificate of recognition
- will not participate in the graduation ceremony

While all options are offered by KINEO, the degree-based student receives double the learning content than the diploma-based and audit students. Simply put, the degree-based student learns twice as
much as a diploma-based student. The student also graduates with a Bachelor's Degree at the end of four years for only $400 more per year than they would have spent on the earning value of a

Both Diploma and Degree have value, but why not put in a little extra effort to earn that Bachelor's Degree that you have desired? This puts on display the effort that you put into your formal Kingdom-schooling.

After all, YOU are the steward of your own edification!

How do I register and pay for classes?

Registration for the degree, diploma, and audit programs will begin on July 1 and close on July 31. Watch our website to see when registration goes live! You will enter your basic information and submit the $50 non-refundable fee. We will notify you with your next steps once registration is closed.

Following July 31, students will be notified on how to pay their tuition and complete their student information profile.

KINEO On Demand students can begin anytime. Head on over to the On Demand page to get started. Once you sign up, your account will be automatically created, and you can begin your study.
- Be sure to keep up with your course study during the allotted time for completion (full program: 10 months; individual courses: 3 months).

When are classes?

If you choose KINEO On Demand, you can begin anytime.

If you're taking KINEO In Class or Online for the 2022-2023 school year:

General Class Schedule
KINEO I & III - Tuesdays 7-9pm EST
KINEO II & IV - Thursdays 7-9pm EST

Year I - Tuesday, August 16th, 7-9pm EST
Years II, III, IV - Thursday, August 18th, 7-9pm EST

First Day of Class
KINEO I & III - Tuesday, September 6th, 7-9pm EST
KINEO II & IV - Thursday, September 8th, 7-9pm EST

Is KINEO an accredited educational institution?

KINEO Ministry Training Center is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International, an accrediting commission for Evangelical Educational Institutions.

Transworld Accrediting Commission is an international, non-governmental, educational accrediting body, federally recognized as a non-profit church organization. Transworld has established high standards of excellence and shared Biblical Doctrine. Transworld accredits and assists Theological Schools, Seminaries, Universities, Colleges and Programs throughout the World. On Campus, Online and Distance Learning.