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Pastor Todd Smith


Pastor Todd is the Chancellor for KINEO. He has served in ministry for over 35 years, has preached the Gospel, led crusades, served in mission fields, and participated in pastoral conferences in over 25 countries around the world. He has also planted five churches in the United States. He currently serves as Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Church. He is the Lead Pastor and apostolic overseer of the North Georgia Revival.

Most of all, he teaches from continual experience to host the LORD and to love Him well.

  • Pastor Todd is a published author.
  • Bachelors from Samford University, Masters in Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Doctorate of Ministry from Faith Theological Seminary.

Dr. Karen Smith

President | Professor, Year I & II

The job of the Church is to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth in an eager readiness. Pastor Karen's role is to serve you during your first two years of KINEO to build your confidence and prepare you to minister wherever you may be.

Each week with her, your confidence will be built on the flawless Word of God resulting in a contagious love for Jesus and a clear understanding of the call of God on your life.

  • 35 years of teaching and pastoral experience.
  • Heart for the local Church with an emphasis on the authority of Scripture and the necessity of the Holy Spirit.
  • Doctorate in Christian Education.

Dr. Roberts Liardon

Professor, Year III

Dr. Liardon is the author of 89 books including the God's Generals series. The LORD has equipped him with strong apostolic teaching and preaching that has brought him to minister in 127 countries.

During your time with Dr Liardon you will study revival history and past leaders to develop your knowledge of your inheritance. This helps you see your faith and ministry in a broader context. The emphasis is developing your ministerial skills and leadership identity. You will also learn more of your Holy Spirit given gifts and how they operate in the Church today.

At the end of your study with Dr Liardon, you will identify, define, and do the call of God on your life to help you minister successfully in the marketplace and abroad.



Pastor Phillip Fields is dedicated to raising up a brave new breed of leaders.  He and his wife Darlena are the founders of Courageous Community Church in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Phillip is called to awaken the church through revival, reformation, and to ultimately empower the church to recover its identity in Christ.  

Now more than ever we need men and women who will courageously, not comfortably, pursue the advancement of God's Kingdom.  Phillip's teaching combines thirty plus years of experience with degrees from Oral Roberts University and Regent University along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, rooted in the Holy Scriptures.

"It is my honor to serve at the Kineo Ministry Training Center."

Pastor Sherrie Potts

Executive Business Administrator

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Ty Smith

Media Director

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Amber Nordstrom

Extended Campus Coordinator

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Angela Newslow

Student Relations

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Katrina Bailey

Student Relations

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Brooke Barrrow

Academic Coordinator
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Jaycie Michael

Extended Campuses/Marketing

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Hannah Smith


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Our newest program launch for ages 3rd grade and up, coming Spring 2024

Diana Bullington


Thomas Hall

Media Assistant