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The Mission

KINEO Ministry Training Center will move students forward in their relationship with God, in their knowledge of the Word, and in their preparation to minister to others. Students will be made ready to give an answer, a reason, for their hope in Jesus Christ (I Peter 3:15) and more capable and confident in bringing others into this same hope (II Corinthians 5:20).

Tenets of Faith

KINEO Ministry Training Center considers certain truths to be fundamental to an understanding of our relationship to the One True and Living God. Follow the link below for more information on our tenets of faith.

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Man wearing shirt with writing on the back: “YOU are the steward of your OWN edification”.

Accredited by Transworld

Accreditation, in its basic application, is a process of submitting to the review of a legitimate organization established for the purpose of evaluating and approving the educational methodology and course of study of an education establishment. The evaluation is achieved in accordance with established standards for the purpose of determining the validity, thoroughness, and effectiveness of a given institution's curriculum toward their stated educational objectives.

The aptitude for this process is not exclusive to the U.S. Department of Education. However, students should note that the acceptance of credits by secular, U.S.D.E. accredited schools from those not so recognized is not guaranteed.

The educational goals of each student should be thoroughly examined and the potential employers queried for acceptance prior to commencement of studies with KINEO Ministry Training Center.

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