Ryan Roberts

“The word KINEO means movement and I’m confident that KINEO will move you further in your relationship with God”

Future KINEO Students,

The word KINEO means movement and I’m confident that KINEO will move you further in your relationship with God by providing a better understanding of Biblical principles and terminology. I believe there is a difference in the terms “knowledge” and “wisdom.” Knowledge can be helpful but isn’t necessarily important to you because it isn’t used on a daily basis. Knowledge basically just sits in your head as short term memory. Chances are, even if it’s interesting information, you will eventually forget the majority. On the contrary, wisdom is useful because it becomes powerful! You do not loose wisdom because you use it. Wisdom is stored in your long term memory for the rest of your life and will always carry weight and significance in your life. The principles you learn in KINEO are golden nuggets that are full of wisdom.

After over five years of ministry I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with and serving under multiple churches and pastors. I’ve seen some of the best in the world and some of your smaller-scale ministries. It has never has ceased to amaze me that most “church people” have no idea of some of the most basic principles of our faith. They do not understand how to effectively minister, nor do they live the Covenant on a daily basis. Most Christians in our western culture chalk their salvation up to a hopeful prayer that possibly could result in eternal bliss or they are more focused on prosperous living in this lifetime without ever truly believing in the complete security and favor found in the blood of Jesus Christ. KINEO seeks to change that and empower the Christian, refill the pastor and strengthen the Church at large.

I started serving at Christ Fellowship Church in 2013 and started KINEO I in the fall of 2014. Today, I help serve directly under the senior pastors, I lead in our youth ministry and wear many hats throughout the week. I serve in the office Monday through Thursday and teach discipleship classes on Sunday mornings, I’m launching my own online ministry, I’m a full-time college student and I maintain a part time job. Yet I have not lost my drive and passion for KINEO.

KINEO Ministry Training Center will become a priority in your life. No matter if you have been a Christian for twenty years or you’re a new convert. Maybe you have been in ministry for some time or perhaps you just want to get your feet wet, KINEO will challenge you to a point where you desire more of the Word than ever before, you will never doubt you security in Christ and your confidence as a minister will increase. I encourage you to move forward. You won’t regret it!

Ryan Roberts
Youth Discipleship Coach
Pastor In Training
Christ Fellowship
Year III KINEO Graduate